Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Good News Already On The First Day Of 2013 !

This year will get better and better...

The suspense of the " Fiscal Cliff " is finally over and the outcome seems good. Disaster has been averted and personally I believe the prosperous times have arrived !

One can almost feel the collective sigh of relief around the world. Somehow I think that today the Stock Markets will have a record day and some of you will make a tidy profit.

The first day of this year was a glorious and sunny one. Par for the course, here in our corner of Burgenland. It might be a bit cold but the sun usually smiles on us. Walking around the vineyards yesterday, showed me that I am not the only one who thinks this place is great.

Vienna is only about 2 hours by car from here and a few made the trip here for the New Year. Clever really, as they are in the midst of the vineyards and its fabulous wines and are able to walk between the restaurant and their abodes. A real drawing point in these times...remember us for your next party !

Wouldn't it be a fantastic idea, for wine-connoisseurs to come here for a weekend. A weekend involving a physical workout...walking between the renowned wine estates and lifting the wine-filled glasses to taste !

Well, appropriately enough, we have a group of young " Winzers " or Winemakers, who by the way sell their delectable wines all over the world , with the
collective name of " Deutsch-Schuetzer Six-Pack"...need I say more ?


Even in Winter, the vineyards have a certain charm.

I just love the colours !

Parts of our area's vineyards.