Wednesday, 16 January 2013

" Finish Your Food, There Are People Starving In Africa "

Who remembers this growing up ?

As a small child, it used to puzzle me. How exactly would you send the left-over beans/meat/eggs/potatoes to the starving children in Africa ? Wouldn't it start to stink and look funny ?

It did the trick up to a degree, with of course stuff we really didn't like ( the ever parental favourite liver and spinach ) still ending up in the bin. Even now, being all grown up, this phrase often shoots through my mind while throwing away stuff that should and could have been eaten.

Well, the penny suddenly dropped for me when I saw a report to do with the chronic waste of bread ( here is a wonderful blog related to the subject of food waste : ).
They did not mean bread with multi-coloured mould. No, they mean bread that was from the day before ! Look there is nothing better than eating a fresh bread roll or bread with butter almost melting on it...

But by always buying more bread than we need and then throwing it out we in part have driven up the prices...Worldwide ! In some countries the price of bread is so high, that people can't afford to buy it often or at all.

Could our more responsible buying habit and indirectly eating habit, make a difference to the poor people in Africa, or others ? You know, only buying bread ( or food ) that you know you will eat.
It is worth a try, isn't it.....?

If this makes you think twice about throwing good food out, please forward or share this. We could collectively make a big difference. Thank you.