Friday, 4 January 2013

Trimming The Hedge.

A fun way to chat with the Neighbours and have a Workout.

Bob and I are still getting used to living in a big old farmhouse and the many chores that go with it. Instinctively we both know and realize, that we will not be part of the ' pretty as a picture...display in House & Garden ' crowd. In fact we are more the ' Extreme Make-Over ' crowd. You know, Ty Pennington and his tool belt !

Bob, with great vigor, decided that it was time to do some gardening. Bear in mind, that it was rather chilly outside and beany and gloves were a must...I was kind of watching him with a weary eye, as I was loathe to give up the warmth of the lounge !

Physical chores around the house and garden are ideal for men. It keeps them happy. Could it be, that the act of wielding an axe and a saw ( even chainsaw ) reconnects them with that
long forgotten ' caveman ' feeling ? When I did venture out to help a bit, Bob was definitely enjoying himself. He almost had a swagger and put on a great show of flexing his muscles for me !

After having taken in a few precious eyefuls of my wonderful husband working up a sweat, the lure of the warm lounge was just to great and I realized that apart from watching and a few " Wow's ", there was nothing for me to do.

It turned out, that it was just as well that I disappeared inside. Bob told me of how much of a social event his working on the hedge was. Surprisingly a lot of neighbours were taking their stroll in the winter sun, and stopped to chat with Bob.

Somehow I think that Bob enjoys the social as much as the physical workout. Of course, he enjoys flexing his muscles as much as the next man...let's see, if he'll carry on today !

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I only found a picture of the hedge taken in summer. But you can see, how much there is of it !