Saturday, 12 January 2013

South-Burgenland Is A Great Place To Raise Kids.

There is something to be said for Small-Village Living.

In fact, the small communities encourage people with children to move here or to ...make more ! The local schools do need a certain number of attendees to stay open. When you hone in on the various village ' conversations ' among women, you often hear the other villages spoken of in a slightly more awed and envious tone.

Villages that have had a recent Baby-Boom ! In a village with about 400 inhabitants, a sudden baby-boom of 12 raises admiration and also the thought : ' What type of water have they got ? '

The Zeitgeist dictates that everything should be bigger, better and newer. In fact it is extremely hard to keep up with having it all. Even harder to raise kids who are happy with the ' normal ' things.

You know, the things we ( the pre-computer ) generation used to enjoy and live for:

  • Rushing home after school to go and play outside with your friends.
  • Playing cowboys & Indians or just soccer.
  • Building a fort in the garden.
  • Walking over to your best friends house at the drop of a hat.
  • Walking home from school.
  • Houses without burglar guards or huge security fences.
  • Knowing most people who live in your Neighbourhood.
  • Learning the social niceties that are so important in life.

Obviously even the kids here are obsessed with the latest computer game or toy but they spend a huge amount of time " being kids ". Just one of the factors that makes a lot of young families from Vienna move back here, once the Stork dropped by to visited them.

I really love living in this wonderful place and I am quite sure that there are many more spattered around the world. Yet for me, this part of Burgenland is just the " Bee's Knee's "...


Part of our wonderful village!