Friday, 21 February 2014

Bob Had An Oh-So-Exciting Adventure!

Goodness, what an adventure in the car park.

Years ago I saw an ad for a 4x4 car. It showed a Yuppie driving an extremely dirty 4x4 to the valet outside a Restaurant, and being proud of her car. Something along the line of designer dirt. Eons ago, only those living in extreme territories owned a 4x4, but now everyone and Aunt Mavis drive one. Of course the real rarity and status symbol is having your car coated in real dirt...a fact that I have stored in the back of my mind. A fact that keeps our car-cleaning excursions to a minimum.

We fetched my folks from a two month hiatus ( away from us? ) yesterday and deemed it an event worthy of cleaning our chariot, which by the way is not a 4x4! Look, to be honest, it was just a spritz and dash on the outside and a 1 minute vacuum on the inside. We went to a Do-It-Yourself station and had 60 seconds to wash & rinse and 60 seconds to vacuum! The dashboard dust stayed!

Whiling away our time waiting for the bus to pull in, we stopped at the E.O. ( Einkaufszentrum Oberwart ) and had some lunch. Trying to find our car in the car park afterwards was jolly difficult as most cars are a clean silver colour and a Peugeot to boot. Lucky for us we know our number plate!

It was so nice to see my folks get off the bus, just in case they had decided to maybe go off on an adventure somewhere else! On our way home we stopped at another shopping centre to get some odds and ends. Bob offered to stay in the car to watch the luggage, but I suspect he didn't want to dither about in the shops. He gets impatient with my spouts of meandering down the isles. Anyway, we spent about 10 minutes in the shops and then made our way back to the car park....

I couldn't believe my eyes when I got to the car. Mum was 10 steps behind me. Two images registered at the same time. Bob had a surprised and rather embarrassed
' Oh, what should I do ' expression on his face, and I saw a young pretty woman get out the back of our car! Jeez-a-lou, what gives? Did I catch Bob In Flagrante Delicto? Oh....!

A second later, the young woman came towards me, embarrassed to the n-th degree but laughing shamefacedly.

" Oh I am so sorry. I thought it was my car."
With that she slunk away towards a car ( an exact copy of ours ) three parking spaces away. As I was talking to her, the strangest thing happened.

My mum, maybe still jet-lagged, went to this woman's car, opened the car door and proceeded to put one leg into the car. Gosh, by that stage we all were in tears from laughter. Even the young lady that gave Bob such a ( nice ) scare. It's not every day that a pretty stranger comes to sit with you in a car. Those of you who know Bob, can imagine his consternation and embarrassed expression.

Should Bob push for a monthly car-cleaning expedition, I'll know that he was thrilled to bits with his car-park adventure yesterday afternoon!