Friday, 7 February 2014

Red Wine From Our Village Is Served At The Austrian Olympic House In Sochi 2014.

Polczer Wine Estate has the honour.

Wow, imagine making wine and having that wine served at such an illustrious occasion. Fabulous and fantastic. Let's face it, this wine made by Polczer Wine Estate / Weingut will be sipped and tasted by the Who is Who of Olympia / Show Biz / Industry and Government when they visit the Austrian Olympic House.

Not only has our Gemeinde the honour of making the best Red Wine in Austria of 2014 but now wine made by another local winemaker is served at the Olympic games. The whole village is pleased as punch, proud as peacocks and rightly so.

Imagine how cool it is to live so close to this fantastic source of wine. Polczer Wine Estate is literally 200 meters down the road. Future visitors to " Bob & Biggi's Home " might take a stroll down there and buy a bottle or two. In fact, in our whole Gemeinde ( and wine producing is the major industry ) is full of these delicious pit-stops of wine estates.

One could theoretically start a leisurely stroll mid morning and sample the various offerings at the local wine estates. One could have a hearty, filling and strength providing meal at one of the many local Buschenschanks. In fact, just writing this makes me wonder why more wine aficionados don't come and take their holiday in our area? Gosh, as long as you have a good sturdy pair of shoes and a good constitution, you could spend your whole holiday without using your car.

Where to Stay in our area.

For the less-fond-of walking crowd there are E-bikes to let in the village. Oh those are the coolest. A bicycle with a little electric engine. What more could you want?

Gosh, today is the start of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014. We are all so excited and everyone I know will be watching it. Austria has so many champion Athletes competing that winning a Gold Medal is not a question of when but of how many!

When you see those captains of industry / Celebrities or Who's Who watching in the stands, there is a good chance that they will have tasted our local wine made down the road by Polczer....