Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Friends & 2 Decades Later!

Another measure of time, that anyone in their 40's will understand.

As corny as it sounds, good friends are for life. Even the nebulous ones. It struck me yesterday that it was ten years ago that the TV series Friends ended. Oh I remember it perfectly.

Friends: The Complete Series

It was ten years ago that I was reading an article on Jennifer Aniston and how she felt about the end of friends. 10 years of her life, but what an advantageous, rich decade. With hindsight we know that she was just entering the not so friendly time of her life, more commonly known as the Mrs Smith phase! Oh, naive as one is in those situations, she pictured a future with little bambinos that she and Brad would have...

Even while I read this article I tried to see a moving picture of my decade past. More of a silent movie. Gosh, I remember being in New York in 1994 and hearing about this hot new series that everyone was watching. When I see the first season now, I cringe at the fashion that was oh so fashionable then.

Of course I double cringe when I realize that moi aussi wore those high - waisted -make - our - behind - appear - huge pants. And I thought how nice & trendy! By the way, I have this strange feeling that this fashion faux pas is making a comeback. You have been warned!

Many many moons ago I splurged out and bought the entire series of Friends. It was an extravagance but it was also nice to see a series without ad breaks. These episodes have come in very handy. B.B. ( before Bob ) I watched those episodes while walking on the treadmill. Two episodes on the trot which was approximately 44 min. When Bob and first got together we would also love watching Friends and we laughed and laughed...

Fast forward to Burgenland and even here Friends have accompanied us. Emigrating does entail times where not everything is hunky dory. A time when one or both of us might feel a bit down. The money spent on this series years ago was well worth it. Bob and I have watched the entire series again. We watched it and again laughed and laughed and laughed!

Friends Superbox - Die Jahre 1994-2004 (41 Discs)(exklusiv bei

The say laughter is the best medicine...and yes, they are right.