Thursday, 27 February 2014

Nickname, Term Of Endearment Or Apt Description?

Men, surely you don't think you are the only ones...

Not that we have anything to do with a pack of wolves. Not at all, yet we do have a pack mentality at times. Get more than 3 women together and the descriptions of the opposite team ( men ) gets colourful, interesting and rather apt! By the way, it needn't be single woman. No, even us ' old & married ' lot know the code and participate with great gusto.

I dare you to prove me wrong! But here is an example of what I mean. Picture a nice and cozy yet well occupied table at the local coffee shop. Oh yes, a bunch of women are sitting around it
( by the way, we only start to resemble a gaggle of geese once we all have a few glasses too many ) and discussing current affairs.

Eh, current affairs to do with us. As a lot of men happen to have similar names ( John, Joe, Peter etc ) we woman have decided to add a further description to this. One that makes it almost impossible not to know who is spoken about. We add prefixes:

  • Dishy John, Peter or David. Sort of self explanatory.
  • Hunky Jack.
  • Tall / short / clever / old / young / show-off...
  • Sahneschnittchen or as one would say in English, cream puff. To be honest, I heard this term in a movie and it was so apt and nice. A " Sahneschittchen " is a man who could be described as a Metro Male. He wears designer everything. From clothing to aftershave.
  • Fabulous Bob.

I happened to stumble across a documentary on the Vatican which included an Interview with the Secretary of both Popes. Strange, but true. This priest, actually an Archbishop called Georg Gaenswein, is in his late 50's but good golly gosh, he looks like a George Clooney and Richard Chamberlin rolled into one. He even featured on the cover of Vanity Fair!

This priest, can only be described in one extremely apt word...Divine Georg. If he still takes Sunday service I would bet that the pews would be filled with woman.

Hearing him speak in the interview showed that he is a proper priest. Genuine and nice. As he already has such a powerful position in the Vatican, who knows, he might be Pope one day...