Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Moon, As Hypnotic As Ever.

How much influence has the moon got over us?

Have you also noticed that once the moon puts on its last few pounds to form that perfect round full moon shape, sleep is not the same anymore! Next time you go through a bout of not sleeping too well, take the time to go and look up. Look up to see the shape of the moon.

A full moon features prominently in a lot of werewolf movies. Isn't that the time that Mr. Hyde morphs out of brave Dr. Jekyll. Movie directors are so clever. They put in elements that just could be true. That little bit extra that makes us wonder about a real life full moon and if some ordinary man will let his fangs show!!! I dare say, at times when the moon is full, both Bob and I are rather testy and crotchety. Fangs of a sort!

It turns out that a lot of people organize their daily life around the moon's schedule. Even on our Radio Burgenland, they regularly share a moon calender. When I heard it for the first, I couldn't stop laughing but now I do tend to use it if suited. The Radio announcer will read out a list of chores that would turn out better on a certain day. Obviously to do with the moon phase.

Just to give you an idea:

  • Having your hair cut / coloured or even washed will turn out better on certain moon phases. Great for any Hairstylist to merely mutter:
    " Oh, you shouldn't have come in today. It really had nothing to do with me that your hair turned a shade of pink!"
  • Gardening has better results if done on the correct moon phase days. Crops will turn out bigger and better tasting.
  • My personal favourite: There are only so many days in a lunar month that it is recommended to clean in your home. Can you believe it, I keep on missing the perfect day. Oh well might have to wait another month....!

You know, a full moon has an almost ethereal quality about it despite putting a strong symbol into the dark landscape of a night sky. A full moon is bright enough to overpower normal lights. A full moon makes you dream of possibilities. A full moon is just...beautiful.

" Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody. "
Mark Twain
" You moon the wrong person at an office party and suddenly
you're not ' professional ' anymore."

Jeff Foxworthy


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Last night's moon in its full glory!
Taken from our front door. The colour palette was magnetic to behold.