Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Winter's Over, Sun's Out & Laundry Too!

The end of hibernation or just an opportune moment?

If you have ever had to deal with those folding laundry stands, you'll know what this is about. Good lord, surely there must be an easier way. Trying to hang a machine load full of wet laundry over it is not for the faint of heart.

The jury is still out on whether the socks, undies or t - shirts are the worst to hang on it. Those lines are very close to each other. A case of quantity over quality? Or perhaps we just bought the most economical one! The other day the whole contraption collapsed because I huddled too many wet towels over the left side... Oh, you should have heard my language!

The weather fairy gave the nod ( at least I took it for one ) to go ahead and use the outside washing lines. Locally I am a bit of an aberration because to be frank, the temperature was in single digits yet there I was, happily re-acquainting myself with our cheerful laundry lines in the garden. Oh, it felt so good. Even Tigger came out of her hibernation station to watch me. She knew better than to ask for food, as it was only morning. Seriously, she plonked herself not too far from me and avidly watched the proceedings.

Technically it is still Winter and all of our shrubs ( natural fence ) are sans leaves....no privacy in our garden. Maybe I set the signal for others to hang laundry on the line or there might be a story doing the rounds in the village, about the daring ( mad ) South-Africans!!!

Oh, I know that a lot of Northerners ( those with short Summers ) own a tumble dryer, but somehow I don't like them. They tend to eat away at the fabrics and if you don't believe me, look at the sieve inside. Tumble driers also seem to emulate a steam chamber. When that machine runs all day, the walls mist up! No thank you, I rather take my chances with the folding laundry contraption.

Laundry swinging merrily on the washing lines has that special x-factor. It smells much better. A sort of sun kissed aroma. It feels better. A sort of wind swept feel. It looks much nicer. A sort of kaleidoscope of colour. Doing laundry in Summer is one of the most divine tasks to do. One of those elusive in the moment affairs. A moment when we feel good about life in general. Next time you fetch the laundry from the washing line you'll think of me!