Saturday, 15 February 2014

You Can Take The Man Out Of The Village, But....

The lure of the meadows, pastures and tractor is just too irresistible.

Ask any farmer worth his salt, and he will tell you that most of his kids ( sometimes the girls too ) know how to drive a tractor before they are 15. This is a treasure that city kids can only dream about.

Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2013 (PS3)

Growing up and learning how to milk a cow by hand, driving a tractor over the fields, stacking hay and taking the freshly laid eggs from a protective chicken must be the best fun ever. Oh for sure, once the hormones kick in a lot yearn for the big city life complete with suit and tie.

Yes, in our village a lot of the youngsters ( 20-50 age group ) work in Vienna. But despite or maybe because of all the glitz, glamour and fun a city offers, some of the men head home on weekends. Either to stay with their parents or family. Sort of like a SuperFarmerAction hero..

Can you picture this SuperFarmerAction hero?

Driving out of the Vienna city limits, he'll start to loosen his tie and take it off. A few kilometers further on he'll ditch his blazers and smart togs. Finally as he stops the car at home, he'll turn into SmartFarmer. I like to picture it as a metamorphosis from that suit & tie to wellies and dungarees. Oh and lets not forget a huge grin on his face.

These bankers and lawyers can hop on a tractor and plow the fields without switching gear. These skills are innate and are never forgotten. By the way, driving a tractor is not so easy. Maybe going forward is manageable but driving in reverse is an art form.

When you see how precise they whip that tractor through its paces, you begin to get a new found respect for them. A few of the local boys have even won trophies for their skills in tractor driving.

Women like to knit / crochet / cross-stitch or sew to relax. For some men, the time spent on a tractor or forking hay bales is better therapy than a spa - holiday.

Let's not forget, that farming is making a comeback in importance and popularity. Farming is a desirable trade to learn. The world needs to eat and without farmers, we wouldn't have food...Thank you, Farmers! Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre


A glorious weekend morning...
Soothing, isn't it?
A rural scene.