Saturday, 22 February 2014

Daily Feeding Ritual @Home!

Once you have a pet, it's hard not to show off or show pictures of her!

Tigger and I have a set ritual. Or rather it happens to be Tigger's strategy and my compliance of it...
" Peek - a - boo, can you see me ? " This is her hangout from about 3 pm onward. It gives her a clear view of the front door and driveway. As soon as she sees me, she flits to and fro to get my attention.
Silly cat...her feeding time rules our life anyway and forgetting her is hardly possible. When she sees me approach with the milk in hand, she skits between the barrels and then chooses a safe location across the yard. As if I would harm her...
Every move I make is monitored with vast interest!
Now and again she corners herself next to her bowl and takes a different safety precaution.
She waits until I leave before she ventures down.
Tigger is happy and fed, wouldn't you agree?