Friday, 19 September 2014

A Last Flowery Show Of Summer Perhaps?

A few more sleeps and Autumn is here!

We have been rather inundated with rain and more rain in the last few weeks, that seeing the sun so vivid and enhancing yesterday, had me whip out my camera. When you see the stunning array of colours, you almost forget that next week it is Autumn.
As per usual, I tend to take a lot of photos of the same image. But as I was organizing them, I understood a very important point...a lot of us forget to see the details.
Chasing bigger and better makes us neglect the wonderfulness under our very noses. Be it wealth, health or happiness!
Same subject but slightly different view of it. When you look at the details you can't help but be cheered up by the little purple flower on the mid-to-lower left...
The yellows make their mark in the midst of the pinks and whites. As often as I get to see the brilliant blue Burgenland sky ( on average we do have 300 days of sunshine per year ) it still makes me feel divine when I see it put the finishing touches of brilliance into any flower arrangement and display!
A lone rose on a rosebush a mere 10 meters further on. Isn't it sheer perfection of Mother Nature to know what colours to assign to its various subjects? Awesome, awe-inspiring...