Monday, 1 September 2014

Bob & I Are On Vacation Of Sorts!

A change is as good as a holiday!

We are in the midst of a fabulously exciting few weeks, as my family has come to visit. Isn't it just the best when you have a chance to catch up in person face to face, because let's face it
( excuse the pun ), as nice as Skype is, nothing is better than the real stuff. Sitting, drinking a glass of wine and just talking until bedtime.

When we fixed up our house, we knew that at times family would come to stay and for more than a weekend. When you fly halfway across the globe, a few weeks are minimum. As our house is a basically one room after the next, we decided to make the front room have a big bathroom adjacent to it. Most old houses only had one bathroom ( before that there was only the long drop outside ) and even though it cost us lots of sweat, hard work and dosh, we managed to organize a shower, toilet and basin next to the back bedroom too. We have two bathrooms at opposite sides of our house...essential!

As my Dad said yesterday, it is as if there are two apartments joined together. But enough space to give a sense of privacy. Anyway, when we have visitors, Bob and I migrate to the back bedroom. A bedroom that has touches of youth about it. How else would you explain the mattresses on the floor. No bed as such! Look they are good mattresses with the only drawback being the fact that you can't jump out of bed. It is more of a undignified turn, squat and stand up with the accompanying sound of creaking knees and squeaking floor boards...

Bob and I have cleared out our cupboard and moved most of our clothes to our new bedroom. It was a sense of adventure to move the clothes from the front room to the back one. Seriously, we contemplated each item as if we were going away on holiday.

" Do you think I'll need those jeans as well? Maybe it will get cold and I need this jersey? "
Rather silly, when we just need to pop through the lounge to get to our own cupboard...

After two days of sleeping in the back, it does feel like a holiday. A change is as good as one. Of course our sense of vacation is enhanced by the fact that we four are careening around Burgenland and sampling all the good restaurants. Food and the enjoyment of it is the building block of any holiday and we are experts at doing just that. Of course it goes without saying that good wine is there to accompany the food.