Sunday, 31 August 2014

Seen & Heard This Week Around The Village #2

More seen than heard.

Coming back from a client, I parked the chariot gaily in the driveway in order to open the gate. As I set my second foot on the ground my eyes were drawn to a movement in front of me. I looked down and saw a big mouse or a medium sized rat on the floor, jumping a bit too close to me. In fact it felt as if it was gunning it for me! For a moment I froze but then I opted for the only possible course of action...I screamed like mad. Luckily Bob heard me, rushed out and eventually understood why I refused to drive the car in. Oh, I was heard in the village! So much for the heard part...

Back to the seen part!

These lovely horses have such character and often when I walk passed them I do a bit of
" hiii-haaa " complete with tongue clicking. A classic expression right there.
" Look, there is the crazy lady. "
The three amigos...or as they say in German:
Die 3 Lausbuben!
From big to tiny. This colourful butterfly started to clam up as soon as he saw the camera. But you can still see his autumn inspired colouring.
The street around the corner from our house. Somehow I never tire of this view. It is beautiful in summer, winter or in between.
The flowers were my object but I managed to get a perfect photo of an original Burgenland farm house. I love these type of houses because they have oodles of character. Modern houses just pale in comparison.
Beholding flowers, especially those vibrant ones, causes an instant lift to our feelings. Doesn't this sweep the doldrums away?
Guess who strayed into this shot? Oh yes, the chickens from last week. Amazing how much bigger and bolder they are a week on...Clearly this is their neighbourhood.
When I saw this photo, I laughed. Look at the one at the back, inspecting the ditch? I know one shouldn't show a pair of white bloomers like this, but this chick's bottom in the air is rather funny.