Friday, 29 August 2014

A Gaggle Of Geese, A Tractor & A Threatening Cloud.

Country living at its best.

These geese and their gaggle are a constant companion on the last part of my walk. The bigger they get, the more noise they make. Gosh, at times you can hear them arguing among themselves a few hundred meters away. There are the leaders and the followers in the flock of geese.
This could be a goose fight. The two opponents in the middle and the crowd gaggling them along....
" Don't be a chicken, go on and peck him! "
I know that to you it may be just a boring tractor plowing the field. But to me, it has many aspects: the chortling of a tractor engine is soothing, seeing the field change colour where he has plowed is almost hypnotic and of course it means a profitable season for our local economy.
The minute I can afford it, I am going to sign up for tractor driving lessons. Kind of the extreme version. I want to be able to reverse a tractor & trailer into a driveway, looking as cool as the local farmers do. A lot of the local men, who work in Vienna during the week, come home on weekends and hop on a tractor, looking like they were born into the saddle. Rather attractive, I dare say!
A storm is threatening. The sky started clouding over; almost looking ominous. The wind changed pitch and strength enough to rattle windows and some chimneys.
Even with the promise of a storm, the plains look amazing. I was on my way to Bildein and was so mesmerized that I pulled over at the side of the road and took these photos.
I hope you have enjoyed them...