Sunday, 24 August 2014

Seen & Heard Around The Village This Week, #1

If you go out to see beauty, that is exactly what you'll find!

When I came back from my walk, this little gal was hopping gaily about in our vegetable garden. More of a vegetable grave, but it didn't deter her. Having lived in our garden for the summer, even a big person like me doesn't scare her. She's put on weight preparing for her trip into warmer climes. Our little Tigger ( feral cat ) is so spoiled with vittles from Hofer, that she is not even interested in this bird...
Clearly she has had enough and our photo opportunity was at an end.
The neighbour's cat portending good fortune. Although when this delightful cat runs across the road, I let it go first. Just in case!
This whole summer I have been wondering what this field of white plants is, and the other morning a friend stopped his tractor next to me and happened to mention that it's Buckwheat. It's amazing to think that the kernels from this flower - type plant makes flour. Bees love to congregate in this field and it tends to sound like a Formula 1 race track.
Nice to see the cottages on the vineyard peek through.
My privileged walking route. Each season offers a safe haven for errant thoughts. Walking in nature like this, is almost as if the Angels are on route...brushing any problems away.
There are a few sunflowers guarding a vegetable field, but most of the sunflowers are sadly losing their shine and bloom. Some are hanging on though!
The sunflower jungle it seems. Mystery and hidden beauty perhaps?