Saturday, 9 August 2014

A Mid-Summer's Day In Burgenland To Make You Break Out In A Song!

A day that brings a smile to your face.

Now and again you get those summer moments that takes your right back to the ones from your childhood. You know, those carefree and unspoilt days. Days of running around barefoot, playing to your hearts content, hanging out with your friends and exploring the neighbourhood.

Bob and I decided to go and pick bramble berries for our next set of jam. It seems that wherever you look, there is a bramble bush and if we wouldn't pick the berries, no one else would. Look, the best and plumpest ones happen to reside at the very top of the bramble bush, so the birds and bees still get more than they need. I tell you, yesterday I wished I had taken a ladder with me because the berries at the top were about double the size as the ones at the bottom. Alas, brambles go hand in hand with thorns...

We took the road less travelled - a country lane complete with gravel - parked the car and meandered along the lane, picking berries. The sun was at its hottest, the birds were singing and the bees buzzing. Somehow I sang to myself..." Summer Loving ".

The trio of sunshine and happiness. The leader and his posse...
The wild sunflowers in harmony with the rest. This scene is almost more suited to an artists easel & oils or watercolours.
Don't you just want to take a blanket and lie in the meadow?
Big sunflower brother perhaps? Definitely the original smiley need to use the Smartphone versions.
Summer in a can! A perfect image for a typical Burgenland Summer's day...
A frog's paradise perhaps? A ditch at the side of the lane has life it seems.
While I was picking the berries, this cute chariot came driving out from the forest. Oh, a perfect summer mobile.
The afternoon's bounty gets transformed.