Monday, 25 August 2014

Chickens Rule The Roost!

Chicks do have a cuteness factor.

Was it the rustle of the leaves, the clucking of the mother hen or the sudden movement or all three combined that made me pause in my stride? When I saw them cavorting over the lawn, it had the same cuteness factor as seeing a kitten or puppy. Heart melting stuff indeed.

" Psst, don't tell Bob, but I started to imagine having little chicks in our backyard! "

Look at him(?) flit around the corner. Oh, that could be a scene from a vintage Donald Duck comic. The little legs still a tad bit unsteady but incredibly fast.
Of course Mama, was not far behind. Even though I crouched down and made clucking sounds, she took to fright and shooed her bunch along.
An obstacle course indeed. Mother hen might be clucking how to traverse the terrain.
" Lift your foot high darling and move forward. Just do as your brother. "
The family swells rather quickly. A few naughty chicks had been exploring a few bushes further back, but were clucked back into line by Mother.
" Come along dears....stop looking at everything! "
Could be a scene in the epic movie: An escape from Biggi!
It sounds silly, but doesn't she look proud as a peacock?
I had just put my camera away and started off on my walk again, when ten meters further on, another mother hen was clucking her troupe along. Amazing to see the different colour plumage of her chicks...What a beautiful Sunday morning it was.