Saturday, 30 August 2014

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together In Eisenberg.

Gathering for the long trip home or rather a long vacation.

The lone ranger making a statement. The weather is so glorious at the moment, that it must take quite an effort to plan this long and treacherous journey South.
Putting the wire into context. Seeing so many birds in various stages of landing, taking-off or parking is amazing. Especially against the blue backdrop of our local Burgenland sky. Catching birds with one click!
A wing here and a leg there....a true balancing act!
I wonder what those tweets are about?
" Stay on our flight path and do as I tweet! "
" Okey Dokey, I am off. See you in South Africa. Don't land at Rick's Cafe as Sam will just play it again for you. "
" Look kid, stay with me. I'll take you under my wing..."
Off they go to warmer climes. Excitement and adventure ahead for the birds!