Thursday, 7 August 2014

Abundant Rain Means Abundant Greens.

Green is the way to go...

As much as we tend to complain about rain, it is so vital and necessary. For one thing, it straight away waters the plants. Thank you nature, one less task to do. It takes a day of sunny weather in between to notice the emerald greens all over. It just is so lush. Lawns are so dense and green that one wants to stretch out on them and dream the day away.

The other side of the rain-coin is of course the fact that the grass grows a lot quicker. One of those overnight miracles. Bob is the chief lawn mower in the lawn - mower club ( members: 1 ) and can be seen pushing his machine over the the various lawns in the neighbourhood. Yesterday I went along with him and had a good opportunity to snap a few pictures. Bob was heard to mutter:

" Jeez, you have the life of Riley! "
but Bob, we only have one mower....!

This little chap was so intent on getting his worm out of the ground, that even our car being parked close to him didn't bother him. Rain means more food for the birds.
I think he caught his worm. Bon appetite little one. Aren't the lawns a most wonderful shade of emerald green?
Isn't the lay-out of the vines nice? Almost hypnotic to watch. This year the harvest will be good and the vintage delectable.
The tree in the middle...
Wonderful to admire the symbiosis of it all. A perfect way to create the nectar of Gods...
The pink among the light green is so fetching, isn't it?