Thursday, 14 August 2014

Forget About Gold, Manners & Respect Are The Things To Own!

Chasing A Like On Social Media Has Made Some Of Us Unlike-able.

What started me on this train of thought, was the utterly thoughtless and hurtful way that the police spokesman in the Robin Williams death, reported the facts. Good Lord, those are private and personal facts that needn't, shouldn't and mustn't be shared with the world at large. Whatever happened to privacy? No, that was not okay!

It seems that not everyone was kind, thoughtful and showing their respect to Robin Williams online. Where, why and how do some folks behave like this? Well done to his daughter Zelda for going off-line. That is called standing up to your principles and believes.

Social media has made a few folk instant 5 minutes fame'rs and sadly many are trying to get into the ranks of this silly club. It has become an addiction to many and they chase it regardless of the feelings of others. Some of the entries you see on any given day in social media channels makes one wonder, raise eyebrows and shake heads. The internet-guardians are usually so precise, but when it comes to shock value, they oblige and close their eyes...

At times it sort of feels like a pyramid scheme. Have you ever wondered why some of your friends 1-liners ( even if they are banal at best ) always are the first thing you see when you go online? Regardless of what time? It has to do with likes. The more likes you have, the more your entry will be shown to get yet some more likes. The people behind the scenes have set it up that way. More clicks makes it more liked & interesting...or does it?

Manners, are the most important asset to have now and in the future. Manners and good judgement go hand in hand. What not to do, say or write should be ingrained. Showing kindness and respect of others and their feelings should be the only consideration. Schools should incorporate teaching manners into their curriculum. In fact it should have center stage at any level and age.

Manners in the digital age are just as important if not more so. Swearing online might get you a few likes, but to be honest, it is far from appealing...