Tuesday, 12 August 2014

4 Women Only: I Bet You Take More Care Of Your House Than Of Yourself!

If you thought that you were an asset, would you take better care of yourself?

Most of us usually place ourselves at the end of a list of importance. Gosh, even the car gets more attention and upkeep than us. Kids, husbands and everything else is put before our needs. But what if you start thinking of yourself as the important asset that you know you are?

Can you imagine your family functioning without you? Now there's a funny thought... What happens when you go away on holiday by yourself ? Aren't you then making endless plans and meals ahead of time. Oh yes, you are the nucleus of your family.

Who hasn't decided to show a husband how much we do at home, during an argumentative phase. A phase that might last an evening. A phase where you picture him eating a slice of stale bread or whatever he can muster up because you threw down the gauntlet or rather doffed your chef's hat.

You picture him ( suddenly ) realizing how valuable you are...of course, the odd husband puts a stroke through this type of Machiavellian plan because they just simply mosey to their Mum's home. A home where they get treated like King of the Castle, you know, waited on hand and foot!

Dear Mother-in-laws of the world, please don't do this...

But let me be serious. Each of us is an asset to our family, if not the asset that makes everything go smoothly and lovingly. Yet, we don't think of ourselves that way. Taking a breather or a break? No, that isn't allowed as a Mum or a Wife. Often, as women, we are exhausted by it all. Taking care of a modern family is hard work especially when you have to do an full time job as well.

Let's face it, a lot of women still do a whole ( or most ) household's chores on top of having a full time job and a full time husband.

If you would only allow yourself the luxury of taking care of you, then taking care of your family is that much easier.

  • Take the time to read a novel...from cover to cover!
  • Go and have a treat at your Hair Salon or Beauty Salon, more than once a year or decade!
  • Meet your friends for a dinner on your own.
  • Take time out and simply sit. Sit & put your feet up, have a glass of wine and watch a movie, a sunset or nature.
  • Take the time to do that thing that makes you re-discover your self-image and self-worth.