Monday, 18 August 2014

Vintage Tractor Breakfast Run In The Suedburgenland Vineyards.

Oh, what a cool hobby to have.

Forget about motorbikes or bicycles. Horses maybe, but what I saw yesterday morning on my walk through the vineyards convinced me that this must be one of the coolest hobbies to have. Vintage tractors and their owners chortling slowly through the countryside with an infectious joie de vivre!

We are all so busy rushing around trying to see and know everything, that we in fact do miss the little things. How can we see a beautiful daisy growing on the verge when we hurtle passed it at 100 kmh an hour. Personally I would much rather see the detail than a big swoosh of green flashing by. This group of enthusiasts yesterday morning couldn't have been happier. They smiled and I could see how much fun they were having.

All I could hear behind me was the loud chug chugging of a tractor. By now I can recognize them but not the driver. Our locals do know who is driving even without seeing them ( only the local farmers, of course). Some must have more pep and elan than others...When I turned, I was awarded this divine view. A convoy of vintage tractor enthusiasts.
At first I thought is was the Austrian flag but on closer inspection, it turned out to be a Stiegl Beer lover. But what a big smile he gave me. They all were so happy in their chariots.
A passing shot. The sound they made was amazing to hear. Maybe not so much for the late risers. It was about 8.30 am and some revelers were still asleep. Well, not anymore!
When I turned to take a photo of this next one, I nearly dropped the camera. My goodness, for a minute I thought it was " John Maclain " in Die Hard 6...Danger in the Vineyards.
All the neighbours ( not that many up there ) were outside and watching. It was so nice to see and the convoy had an air of enjoyment about it.
The red vintage diesel beauty with John in the background astride his fast green bullet....There is a similarity, isn't there?
This tractor reminds me of an African safari. That divine basket hanging on the bumper evokes memories of picnics, sand and sunshine.
I had walked quite a bit further when I saw this straggler catching up. He could be heard for miles...A great Sunday morning walk, and great inspiration for Bob & I.
Who will be in the driver's seat, I wonder?