Monday, 4 August 2014

A Leisurely Sunday Drive Mixed With The Odd Meal & A Swim.

Visitors need a special drive..

It is one of life's little ironies. Only when we want others to see the attraction of where we live, do we find those attractions. The rest of the year, Sundays are spent watching a TV screen or lazying the day away in a comfy lawn chair. Nothing to be sneezed at but all the same, it is much better to do a spot of sight seeing.

Saturday evening was a late one and that did delay our start to our leisurely Sunday drive. In our household ( with or without visitors ) I am usually the first one awake. Yesterday it was a case of having three hours of a head start. A head start that had me changing the plans a gazillion times only to settle on the original thought. My Sunday road map for our friends was mapped out. Mapped out rather nicely, so that everyone was in accord.

Those who know me, will not be surprised that food and eating is never left out when on a road trip of any sort. I had seen Aloisia's new menu a few weeks before and knew that she had put a divine looking breakfast on offer. An English breakfast, which is a treat anytime but a special treat when you have had a late night! Somehow I didn't need to persuade anyone to go there. Filling up the energy gauge, so to say.

The day couldn't have started better. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the birds did their usual background sing song. We sat outside under a tree and just enjoyed life at that moment. No rushing around, no hurrying about and the only stressful thing to do was to choose which breakfast to have. Ideal holiday stuff. We all had the English Fry Up and my golly gosh, did we get a lovely surprise.

The menu had a photograph of it, but when it arrived, we each got 4 fried eggs. A speechless moment if there ever was one. The waitress was so nice and catered to us as if we were royalty. Great stuff indeed. When you consider that the breakfast consists of 2 ( or rather 4 ) eggs, loads of crispy bacon, toasted rye bread, a cup of coffee or tea and all that for Euro 4, will forgive us for eating there more often!

Our next port of call was the Rechnitz Badesee which we could only reach via a short side trip to a street cafe in Lockenhaus. A cafe that is renowned for its homemade organic ice cream. Good lord, the things I know....We all had a healthy portion of it even though it was so soon after breakfast. Being driven around is demanding work and needs fuel.

Bob took us along the most scenic route to the Rechnitz Badesee. The others have been there a few times before, but ironically I hadn't been there yet. I must say, it was nice and such a big place. A kids paradise, no matter how old the kids are. Bob was in heaven and swam a few times.

That saying of: Don't swim after you have eaten must be a fallacy. Bob did not sink, just the opposite, he floated in leisure and with pleasure in the Rechnitz Badesee...

A perfect Sunday outing with perfect company.

Can you think of a nice spot to sit in? Romantic and idyllic all in one.
Nice, isn't it? It tasted so good...
Bob is bobbing about in the Badesee!
Happiness looks a bit like this...
Leaves arranging themselves to be photographed.
My Bob!
These carp are huge and have their own little paddling pool at the front of the lake. They do get fed yet beg for morsels all the time. I wish you could have seen the size of them...