Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A Drive, A Hug & 3 Salzstangerl...

A gentle Tuesday.

My first port of call was to take a nice lady to the local doctor at 8 a.m and I made it to her house just in time. She lives at the bottom of a steep vineyard and once I drive up her drive-way, I usually do an 3-point ( in winter it might be a 10-point ) turn to park facing the right way using her lawn, which can be muddy at times. Hair raising for me but I try to make her walk to the car as easy as possible.

To my pleasant surprise, her friend was there as well. The three of us set off to the doctor's rooms and beyond! By now the villagers know that there is a good chance that I am ferrying elderly ladies about and I get loads of cheerful waves. In one part of our village, the Army has put up a few huge brown field tents and to be honest, wherever you go there is a man clad in browns about. A temporary training camp of sorts.

On Monday I happened to be at Aloisia's to buy a few erm, cakes. Walking up to the shop, I spotted three big tables full of men in browns. Men in browns having a slice of her delicious cake & cup of coffee and all looking my way. Oh my, that was embarrassing. Imagine, knowing 10 steps ahead that a whole bunch of men in uniform are watching you walk passed? My internal mantra sounded something like:

don't trip, don't stare, look nonchalant, don't trip, don't stare, look nonchalant

Driving passed this temporary field camp yesterday morning with my two ladies, I casually mentioned that even though I am very happily married, I love to see men in uniform. To which I got a giggle and a few nods of agreement ( it seems that most gals love seeing a man in uniform ).

Anyway, after the doctor's we drove to the shops. Yes shops, because we stopped at two different ones, one in each village. When you have a car and the ability to shop for groceries wherever and whenever you want, you forget that for some it isn't so. Most of the ladies I take places, don't shop at the drop of a hat like we do, but wait until a family member does or phone in an order. A simple trip to the local village shop turns into a huge event. Knowing this, I always tell them to take their time, no rush...

When we drove home after the last shopping pit-stop, we of course drove passed the army camp once more and we all had a jolly good look. It did help that I almost idled the car in that stretch of the road. Once I dropped everyone off at their house, I was feeling super ( when you help someone else you can't feel anything else but great ) and I was the owner of 3 homemade Salzstangerl. As you can imagine, when I got home and showed Bob, my ownership was taken away from me before I could explain where I got them from...

Oh, I nearly forgot. I also got a hug to say Thank You...Isn't life grand?