Monday, 11 August 2014

Who Knew That Mushrooms Had So Much Extra Protein!

Starting training on my own little Fear Factor Episode!

Bob and his friend set off at the crack of dawn yesterday, even though we were home late the night before, to hunt for more mushrooms. At 6 am Bob was out the house and came back with a big basket full of mushrooms two hours later. Oh, the two of them were taking a breakfast break between mushrooming. Have you ever...?

Going for my walk later, I noticed that the forest lanes were littered with cars from all the various mushroom hunters and I wouldn't be surprised if they disguised their " mushroom-spot " by parking the car on at a different location. In our small village we all know each others cars and number plates. Secret locations would be secret no more.

Bob and I Skype'd my family in America later in the afternoon and as our table is big enough, Bob decided to clean the mushrooms then and there! As it is therapeutic to watch others work, we had a great Skype session...At one stage my Dad passed on a little nugget of mushrooming wisdom:

" Before you cook them, put the cut up mushrooms into a big pot of cold & very salted water. Dunk the mushrooms a few times and then drain them off carefully. "
" Why Dad, they do look clean ? "
" There will be small bits of dirt you couldn't clean or see, floating off. "
Well, I did the first batch and please remember that Bob and I had already eaten a batch yesterday. A batch cleaned before we had knowledge of the brine-effect!
When I took a closer look at the water left behind, I have to be honest and admit that I got a nasty bit of a shock. Good grief, there were so many little worms squiggling about. Eugh!

At first I told Bob that mushrooms were off the menu for me. Knödels only for me. Yet, thinking it over I thought that if a tiny worm is cooked, it is protein after all. Gosh, we would fit right into this new Banting craze that is sweeping South Africa. And frankly, how many little worms do we all eat without knowing? We can't float everything in brine.

Half the batch that Bob cleaned was for supper, the other half is going to be dried. Belief me, the batch for supper was dunked repeatedly in the salt water. At least 3 new lots of it.

I had just poured myself a glass of wine ( in my pyjamas already ) when I heard the gate creak. Bob was fast asleep on the couch doing a great impression of a steam train. A lazy Sunday afternoon on the couch, is one of Bob's pleasures in life. The sun was still out but was getting ready to disappear. Quick as a flash I stuck my head out the door and saw Bob's friend at the gate with another huge basket full of mushrooms. What a honey.

At the speed of lightening I got dressed more appropriately while asking him to come on in, but he rather waited outside. My attempts to rouse my husband were futile. He was in la la land. Our friend ( still at the gate ) asked me to put the mushrooms into anther container and when I dashed inside the house, I finally managed to awake Bob. He was suitably sleepy eyed when he went outside to greet his friend.

Thinking back, I am sure he didn't quiet believe my story of Bob sleeping. Maybe he thought we both were....!

Ah, life in the country, isn't it fantastic?