Sunday, 17 August 2014

Bob's Birthday: A Meal Out With Family & Friends.

Great Man, Great Birthday.

As the #1 fan of Bob, I hope that he had a nice birthday yesterday. It doesn't matter where in the World one lives, with the aid of modern technology, loved ones can be beamed into the living room just as soon as you connect to Skype. Again, who would have thought back in the day of Captain Kirk that most of what you saw wasn't too far off..

Have you also noticed that once you get on the other side of 30, Birthdays are best when they are celebrated in a small way. Maybe dinner with family and friends, or a quiet evening at home are the best way to celebrate. Those big birthday bashes of our younger days just are a bit too much. Gosh, when you get to over 40 you either are happy when anyone remembers or more happy when people don't!

Bob wanted to go to a local Buschenschank to celebrate with us and we did. My parents collected us and as Bob cleverly chose a Buschenschank that is closer to us, we didn't have to drive. My Mum was our dedicated driver last night! As usual, the place was teeming with happy customers enjoying a casual meal out. But a casual meal that tastes good, is accompanied by delicious wines and doesn't cost a lot.

Bob has integrated so much into our village, that the whole time we were there, friends would come up to our table and wish Bob a Happy Birthday. Wow, that was so nice and Bob was chuffed to bits. At the end, after we had paid, the owner come over and sponsored us a glass of wine to do a last toast to Bob's day. Believe me, he went and hauled out the good stuff.

The beauty of a Buschenschank is that you sit on long benches at long tables. Tables which you mostly share with other people. Last night a slightly older gent sat with us. My Mum casually mentioned that in his day he was one of the best vintners in the area. Believe me, I asked him a lot of questions to do with wine...

The typical Buschenschank is the flag carrier of a simpler life. There is nothing fancy about it
( of course the wine is top class ) and that is what makes it such a divine way to spend an evening. A total breath of fresh air and not a fancy restaurant where airs and graces are put on...from waiters via the food to the bill at the end.

By the way, our meal for 4 people included numerous glasses of wine each and a few schnapps', came to 55 euros . Oh, and did I mention that you, as the customer keep track of what you order. When it comes to pay, the waiter asks you what he should charge you for...Wow!!!

I know that just about everyone wants to travel to big cities and sample the best restaurants in them, but maybe just the once, you should put our little part of Burgenland and our Buschenschanks on your itinerary. A holiday where rest, wine and beautiful scenery are the order of the day.

A double entendre if there ever was one. No, Bob is not offering a silent prayer...he is telling me to hurry up and take the picture already.
The birthday boy striking a pose.
Bob had already eaten half the food when I decided to take a few photos. Yet, it still looks nice, doesn't it?
Nice way to travel....