Thursday, 28 August 2014

2014 Military World Championship In Our Village!

As small as we are, we do pack a punch.

As you know, I have seen the tents up and the men clad in browns perusing our village & surrounds but I had no idea until yesterday of the magnitude of it all. Wow, what an International event. A Military World Orienteering Championship is nothing to be sneezed at.

Being Military, they didn't advertise this event to all and sundry ( or someone just forgot to do so ). Fair enough, one can imagine a bit of cloak & dagger stuff in regards to Military events. Scrolling through my newsfeed on FaceBook yesterday morning, I stumbled across some pictures posted by a friend in the village. Pictures of her surrrounded by different military guys. Oh, and she kind of asked everyone to come and spectate. Oooh, my first social media invite. Almost like the rave parties the tweenies go to...

She said that from 10 am, we could spectate. Bob was busy at a client and I thought that it would be rather bad form if I didn't go and show my face there! One does what one can...Oh, the hardship. Anyway, just after ten I set off on foot. It is about a 20 minute walk and the weather was just perfect for ambling through the forest.

When I got to the event, I noticed that not many villagers were there. Rather embarrassing to be the only one but I walk into the arena. When I asked one of the sentries ( young chaps in uniform ) if I was allowed to spectate, he replied:

" Oh yes, Mam...."
Being called Mam, is like getting a bucket of cold water thrown over your head. Don't we all feel like we are still in our 20's ? Ouch, young man, that hurt.

The helicopter parked on the edge. When I started to take pictures, I wasn't so sure that it was allowed. The whole time I took aim, I wondered whether someone would tell me to stop...
The finish line. These men and women had just run a 14 km orienteering course through the forest and they still looked rather fit at the end. I was a bit sad to see that hardly anyone clapped and cheered them over the finish line. The announcer merely mentioned country and position. Nothing like the Comrades Marathon.
Behind where I was standing, a fleet of dark green cars lined up from one end to the other. Rather impressive and I so wanted to get the photo, but the drivers were standing guard. I took this frame instead. What a strange looking vehicle?
The different nations were warming up. Nice to see everyone get along.
The Danish team.
As I was leaving, this was to good to pass up. A perfect summary of the event. The fabulous Eisenberg Vinotek and the military calling card parked in front.