Tuesday, 5 August 2014

100 Years On, And We Still Are At It.

Why can't we all get along peacefully?

When you see the suffering, carnage and pure horror of what was the 1st World War, it makes one wonder why the world keeps on repeating it. Even back then almost 16 million souls perished. Unimaginable and so awful. Mostly young men who died in agony and far away from their loved ones. Alone, afraid and robbed of a future.

Countries keep on starting wars. Wars that use more advanced methods of killing with each one. Maybe the real culprit of war is the fact that weapons are so readily available.

The various governments across the world are very quick to outlaw food additives that might harm us down the road or even cigarettes that will harm us for sure. Rules and regulations for just about anything and everything. But here is the thing that I don't understand....why is the manufacturing of weapons not banned?

People or nations who have arguments can then solve them by fists and maybe a bow & arrow! Missiles and the likes shouldn't even be made. Yet it is a big industry.

In some countries, the person who sells alcoholic beverages to customers and allows them to drive home under the influence, becomes liable. There is an idea. The companies that make the weapons should be held liable.

Yes, I know I sound naive. Money and rather bundles of it are being made within the weapon's manufacturing branch and sadly, money affords power.

In the days of yore, Kings and Lords where the ones leading their soldiers into battle. From the front. Maybe if we can't stop the manufacturing of weapons, the next rule should be that politicians have to personally lead soldiers into battle. If they agree to war, they should be on the front line feeling the affect of it...