Friday, 8 August 2014

Oh, For A Moment I Thought I Had Time Traveled Back To The 70's.

If you keep your clothes long enough...

You have to be slightly older to know when fashion has come around again. At twenty or some young age, you won't have had a chance to see many trends & styles resurface. So yes, I am not twenty anymore!

The day was slightly overcast yesterday and of course I layered up. Look, even in sunny hot weather I am wrapped up sufficiently to keep the sun at bay.( I don't want to be a leathery blonde and thankfully I bypassed the 70's craze of sunbathing like a pretzel, complete with baby oil to speed up the tanning....yuk ). Now and again I get the odd question thrown at me and my standard reply tends to be an effort to make sure they don't think I am mad because I walk around in long sleeves during summer...

Being a creature of habit, I tread the same path daily. No inch of it is unknown to me. My ears are attuned to the various sounds along the way, be they from a bird, a cow, a dog or the other full time exerciser...the lone runner. Even when he runs up behind me, I recognize his running style. Walking yesterday, I had already been greeted by the usual tweeting and humming ( bees ) when a strange noise had me stumped.

It was a sort of whooshing noise and I waited until it was behind me before I turned. Not out of braveness but because I wasn't wearing my glasses. I didn't want to be rude and just stare in case I knew the person. Rather wait and make sure... Anyway, the moment came for me to turn and look and goodness, I was astounded to say the least.

Instantly I had a vivid mental recall of Xanadu and Olivia Newton John careening around on roller skates. Oh yes, one of the local gals was rollerblading about. Dressed in what looked to me like a 70's outfit, but in reality was a modern version of it. Goodness, I haven't even realized that it was back in fashion!

Bob has been hinting that he would be keen to roller blade, as he did the odd stint of " blading " around London back in his day...Jeez, I just know that after reading this, he will insist on getting a pair of roller blades. If he shows any signs of wanting to roller blade wearing those short & flappy 70's shorts, I will either pretend I don't know him or those said shorts might disappear mysteriously!