Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Flowers, Simple Yet Magical And Oh So Cheerful.

A little flower makes the world of difference.

Stumbling across a beautiful bunch of flowers in their natural setting is special. There is no need to pick or pluck them. No, just taking a minute to absorb their power is magical. It is a new imprint on our minds. A new compass of happiness to redirect our errant thoughts. At least it is for me.

Flowers still living at home ( ie not those that have moved out and gone to the florist's shelves ) have the ability to mirror the various seasons. It is such a treat to follow their progress throughout the year. Nature is amazing, abundant and powerful. Imagine a tiny seed morphing into a beautiful flower or plant within such a short period of time. Simply wonderful.

A walk in nature is often enough to wipe away any negative feelings or thoughts. How can it not be so. Here are a few images that caught my eye and instantly made my day brighter and better. Through the ages, artists have made impressions and recordings of beautiful flowers and nature. Aren't those the paintings that are sold for millions of dollars? Even then they knew how powerful a simple flower could be...

This little red stunner grows merrily outside a Kellerstöckl along the Hummergraben. That shade of red simply jumped into my line of vision and I quickly took a photo before the owner saw me....
This is a man - made circle of sunshine. At least I like to think of it like that. The owner planted a circle of wildflowers with the sunshine in the middle. Two lovely sunflowers. They were facing away from me, but I didn't want to walk onto someones property.
A mere 100 meters from our home, is this neighbourhood beauty. So high up in the hedge that I am sure not everyone notices it.
I stood there in the road and took a lot of photos of this stunning picture. Even showing you a few of the same image, you'll get a different impression of each.
Nature is such a genius at showing us a different side to life. The sunny side.