Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Fab 5 Of Eisenberg's Fire Department & The Cold Water Challenge!

Perhaps we should consider a Calender?

Bob got the call up via SMS. I read it to him and must say, that I had no clue what a cold water challenge might be, but Bob was keen right from the start. He should have known that it was not a white water rafting expedition when his chief ( not me ) asked him to bring kiddies water wings, goggles and flippers along...

When I saw an article in the newspaper about this challenge and how the various fire departments were issuing them left right and center, the penny dropped for Bob and I. It was almost similar to this Ice - bucket - dumping - over - the - head craze that is sweeping the USA. Hey whatever blows your hair back or rather makes you look like a drowned rat. It is all for a good cause...

Our local cold water challenge should be moved to winter. When we have temperatures in the 30's, this challenge turns into a bit of an award. The rest of us are sweltering and sweating away while the lucky few chosen ones get to jump into someone's pool.

As Bob realized that it would also be filmed, for proof and spoof on YouTube, he told me that he wouldn't be taking his shirt off. Well, famous last words indeed. What a nice video guys. Great fun to watch even though I have to say that I did giggle a bit.

It can't have been easy directing the Fab 5 and the video turned out a smash hit. At one stage I thought they might drop their whole kit aka The Full Monty, but it was just the shirt. If they ever make a calender, I will definitely buy a few copies. The guys are a team, a team of friends and that is nice to see.

Bob went to the challenge at half past two in the afternoon and came home at half past eight in the evening. They might have had a few tries getting the video perfect but I am pretty sure that they had a cold glass challenge at the same time...