Sunday, 3 August 2014

Eisenberg: Great Fun, Better Scenery, Best Wine.

A weekend of fun.

As you know, our friends have come to stay for the weekend. Not their first time either, no, it is their fourth. Now isn't that a huge compliment to us and our area? When they arrived on Friday afternoon, we sat and chatted ( or rather reconnected as they are from London ) and had fun seeing each other again. During the conversation, they casually dropped the correct names of places and villages they want to see...imagine, Londoner's talking with a perfect Burgenland accent...Love it!

This weekend was the Eisenberg Kellergassen Fest and our friends wisely chose it to visit. We did warn them that they should bring sturdy walking shoes but I don't think they realized that we meant business. A lot of us had organized that we would walk to the Kellergassen Fest together. Our new friends from Eisenberg included us with open arms and as they go every year to the Kellergassen Fest, they had a plan of action.

Kick off time was at 16:30 in the village and of course it was blazing hot. The floods of Wednesday night a distant memory only. The walk to our destination usually takes about 40 minutes and most of those are a steep uphill. But our group had arranged pit-stops along the way for a drink or two. Very nice, very clever and great fun.

Our village has two parts, the village proper and a wine section - Eisenberg Weinberg and at the top of the Weinberg is a lane with various vintners and their Buschenschanks. On Saturday, the lane was closed to traffic and there were five Buschenschanks to sit and sample the vine & vittles of our area. The done thing is to meander from one end to the other and sampling the wines on offer.

Kids were having fun and parents even more. The atmosphere was just perfect and the weather divine. The view was of course unbeatable as this lane shows the whole panorama of our area. Our friends enjoyed themselves and we made sure they got a taste of local foods.

As happens to all nice evenings, this one too had to end at some point. We all knew that we still had to walk back about 40 minutes. The last time Bob and I walked home from a party
( eh, a mere three weeks ago ), we were accompanied by a bright moon, but last night, the man in the moon had a different idea and hid away. Traversing downhill in the dark is not recommended too often. Next year we'll have to remember to take a torch with us or a trendy miners light.