Saturday, 23 August 2014

A New Buschenschank Is In Town!

The Kopfensteiner's have added a new dimension to tasting their fabulous wines.

We got the call at 4.30 yesterday afternoon.
The " do you want to go to the Buschenschnank "call. Luckily for us they happen with great frequency.

" Biggi, do you and Bob want to join us at Kopfensteiner's? But we are leaving in 10 minutes. "
This call yesterday threw a bit of a spanner in the works. Bob was doing manly stuff out back...mowing the grass in the back garden, and I had a seldom made curry on the stove. In great haste I ran up to the back garden and it took a while to get Bob's attention over the loud yet wonderfully hypnotic ( to me at least ) noise of the mower.

I explained the invitation along with the curry on the stove situation. The minute my Mum asked me, I knew that Bob would drop everything to go to Kopfensteiner's. ( It wasn't advertised yet everyone has been talking about it today. ) He put up a show of indecision but only for a second. Bob morphed into Speedy Gonzales: Lawnmower packed away, shower greeted, clean clothes put on, all in under 10 minutes. Unheard of!

Anyway, we all got to the place. The Kopfensteiner family purchased the house a while ago and the scuttle bug was that they were fixing it up to do a Buschenschank. Only winemakers and producers are able to host a Buschenschank, and as winemakers go, the Kopfensteiner family are on the top tier. Thomas, the vintner has just won an award for best red wine of Austria 2014 and this is an opportunity to taste his wine along with some vittles. Yes, they are offering their various wines by the glass ( or bottle if you like ). A wine lover's Nirvana.

Yesterday was their inaugural Buschenschank day and what luck for us. When we arrived, we saw Thomas carrying a big 6 liter bottle of wine inside. A gimmick I thought...but no, when we had paid and where ready to leave, his father came to our table with a decanted wine and 5 glasses. A special reserve red from 2009. From this super-sized bottle which apparantly ages the wine differently. Either way, it tasted out of this world.

The wine left a velvety residue when I swirled it. Always a good sign. Isn't it funny how the people in the know, such as vintners, Sommeliers, wine-fundies, wine-buffs and frequent wine-quaffers do have a special way of swirling a glass of wine. Honestly, I haven't mastered this art form yet.
When I try to look nonchalant while swirling my glass of wine, it shows an alarming wish to escape over the top of the glass. Lessons might be in order, because when you see an expert do it correctly, it looks oh-so-cool!

The entrance. The painted winebarrel is all the rage right now, yet I am not too fond of them. But they are jolly effective.
Sitting with my folks and enjoying the scenery, company & wine.
This one is for Lorraine.
The B & B team! We really did have a few glasses of wine each, but the photos taken with a glass in front of us were not that flattering...
The celebratory wine at the end. Can you see the velvety smoothness running down the bottle? Very nice wine indeed, and a very nice you'll have to put on your to-do list as well.