Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Oh My, That Darn Weather...

Summer looked nothing like this last year!

Last summer was so hot and sweltering, that when my family came to visit us in June they had days when they just wilted away. When the thermostat almost touches 35, wilting, sweating and languishing are the order of the day. Coupled with the odd twenty mosquitoes bugging all and sundry in our house, it was certainly an adventure. Sleeping with the window open proved to be a game of " mosquito or us ".

Bob and I have tugs of war over opening windows. He is dead against it because as luck would have it, each buzzing creature heads straight for him. Almost with an unerring accuracy. Rather funny as I am closer to the window yet they leave me alone as they fly past me! Fresh air is vital and when Bob's not looking I run around the house opening windows.

" Who the !#$%^ opened this *&^&%$ window ? "
" Eh what? Oh, I don't know Bob, wasn't it you? "

Last year, after my family where back home I regaled them with updates of the beautiful, warm, sunny and gorgeous August we were having. Game set and match, they booked to see us in late August this year. Goodness, since they arrived it has been chilly to say the least and driving rain has been over enthusiastic most days. Not the promised weather. At least they are not wilting. Of course they are buying a lot of warm socks and that is a clear clue that they find the climes a tad bit chilly.

Those in the know ( pesky weather forecasters who look pretty / handsome enough to stop us throwing rotten eggs at them when they get it wrong ), have promised warmer days starting from tomorrow. Bob keeps reading the Bing weather App and has moments of irateness when they get it wrong yet again. As I keep telling him, switch your App.

Good friends are also coming to visit us today. They have only been here in either cold and dreary April or in the depth of Winter where anyone would loose in a game of: Spot the grass or greenery. At least they will be jet-lagged today and should wake up tomorrow to a sun-kissed garden complete with emerald green grass.

They have only ever seen this beautiful place when the trees were bare and the grass not there. Yet, they think it is the bees knees regardless. Imagine how they will feel when they see our part of Burgenland, coloured in and brought to life with the kaleidoscopic hues of summer.