Saturday, 13 September 2014

Dear Time, Do You Have To Move So Fast?

Where does the time go...

Living so close to nature and also in a small community, I tend to use different markers of time. There is the overall big time such as when my parents ( I have a set of six: parents, step-parents & parents-in-law ) tell us that they will be coming for a visit. They told us last year, and it seemed such a long time away. Bob usually counts down the days from three months out. As you might have guessed, their visit is over and they left yesterday.

There are some smaller measures of time slipping past as well. There is a part-time resident who spends half the year in Florida and half here. Oh yes, the word Florida gave it away....he is a pensioner and a jolly nice guy too. May is his time of arrival and now he is almost going back. Another block of time gone.

The main one is of course the Seasons that nature provides. In Europe we still get a distinct four seasons which is rather nice. At the moment Autumn is on approach, way ahead of schedule. The leaves are turning amber and the weather is a touch more cooler.

As to the weather, it is quite funny how the insurance companies send out text messages if there is an imminent spot of bad weather.

" There is a high chance of massive rain starting at 12 pm on Thursday and ending at 3.47 pm on Saturday."
and you know what, they are usually spot on. Rather spooky. Of course their text is about the only one I receive on my cell phone. Times have changed because in my single days, my fingers used to fly over the tricky buttons of my cell phone with the desired effect of getting almost instant beeps back!

In our local village shop, you can measure the passing time by what fresh vegetables they have on offer. Yes, we get local produce and not many imports. In Summer there are more salads and as Winter approaches, the hardy vegetables are available. Yesterday I saw a fresh bulb of celery, which is delicious in whatever from you cook it.

My car is usually parked right outside and unless you bring a basket, it is a case of carrying your purchases in your arms. As I bought two cartons of milk, a cabbage, cheese and a paper, the celery was dangling because I was holding it by the leafy stem. As most of us know each other
( or at least about each other ) it is rare to simply get into your car and drive off. No, often we shoot the breeze with whoever is parked outside. Nice.

Yesterday, our friend from Florida was chatting with an elderly gent outside. I went over to say hello but didn't stay long because the other guy, when he saw my celery dangling, gleefully informed me that,

" Celery soup is good for s** !"
well, that was me gone in a flash. Certainly not wasting my time there listening to what else he would mention...

Ahead of schedule, Autumn is approaching. The grapes aren't even harvested yet!
Even in the drizzle, Deutsch-Schüzen looks great.
Unfortunately the corn is taking the worst brunt from the bouts of rain we have been having. Seeing a leave change its hue is one of those wonderful specters of nature.