Friday, 5 September 2014

I Almost Kissed Our C.O.R. Inspector.

The annual Pickerl affair.

Austria has got it's finger on the pulse of us automotive & motorized lot. Cars need to go for an annual visit to the powers that be in order to get a road worthy certificate, the above mentioned Pickerl. Sans insurance! Fair enough, that is brilliant because the unhealthy cars get taken off the roads. Many accidents and tragedies get avoided.

Our chariot is quite long in the tooth. It doesn't sport any modern computer screens, reverse aids or folding side mirrors. Yet, I always think of our chariot as a modern car and adore it. Well, the other day I was chauffeured around by my Dad. His rental car was amazing.

  • Firstly it had high enough seats that getting in or out doesn't involve any manoeuvring nor knickers flashing.
  • Secondly, it has feature which stunned me into awe. Should you stray over the middle white line ( and into oncoming traffic ) the driver's seat belt tightens quickly and thus makes the driver aware of straying. Should he stray onto the verge, the co-driver's seat belt is tightened. Bob would have a field day with me driving this car!
  • Viva la was a Citroen car and very impressive. Ooh la la indeed.

We had made an appointment to see the C.O.R. tester ( inspector ) and when you are starting off on a new journey in life ( emigrating ), funds are mostly a step ahead and out of reach. The thought of what might need to be fixed, was daunting to say the least. We had been twice before and the last inspector was a tough one. Good looking but very finicky. When I saw he was our guy again, my heart plummeted.

We were sitting in the waiting area whiling away the time. Our guy took much longer and as the extra minutes ticked by, I sent out little prayers to my guardian angels to lessen the damage. After 40 minutes, he came striding in with a rather stern look on his face. Oh dear!

Bob pushed me forward to receive the tidings. Oh, better to get it over with, I thought. One thing I knew about our car was that we need to put new shoes on it. When the inspector came over with his clipboard of notes, he sternly said:

" You need to get a new set of tyres. "
Old news I thought, but waited for the other shoe to drop.
It never did!

Our chariot is fine, not modern, not fancy, but fine. We love it and it will be shod in the style it deserves. Nothing fancy but solid.

I tell you, I was so close to throwing myself at the inspector and planting a big kiss on his cheek. The only thing stopping me was that he might re-start his exam. Life is good. All good.