Sunday, 21 September 2014

Connecting The Dots Along My Walk.

It felt good to put on my detecting hat!

I don't know about you, but I tend to recognize just about every sound along my morning walk. A rustling in the forest has long ago been assigned to the odd field mouse and the barking of a dog is actually the mating call of a buck. Moving here from a city jungle, it took me a while to see the forest for the trees and not the dangers contained within. Not every rustling sound has a nefarious activity attached to it.

Hearing the odd car buzzing up behind me has been a piece of cake for me to recognize the owner. How could I not when some drive their chariot as if it only had the one gear and others almost drive at stalling speed in order to not frighten me. A few locals set their watch by me and gosh darn it, they know the minute I take a lazy day.

" Don't you walk anymore? "
" Do you only drive this way to see me walk? "

For a long time the Gemeinde ( district ) has been working on a new water tower for us. Unfortunately, these have to be on the highest point in the landscape and where it is also the prettiest. What at first was an ugly building on the hill, has morphed into a disguised sort of hill with a viewing platform on top. Well, at least it gives a view and we do need the water.

After the third car came speeding past me along the forest road, and cars with different engine pitches and number plates, the penny dropped for me. The opening ceremony of this water tower was happening. Why they chose to do it so early in the day, is a mystery to me but with great foresight I changed direction. Imagine sweating & huffing past the dignitaries...

Like so often in life, when we change direction something good happens. I ran into an acquaintance from down the road who had also taken flight from her usual route when she realized why the vineyards & forests were alive with cars. And you know what, we had a nice chat and those are priceless.

Oh, and as she and her husband make great wine, I managed to organize myself a few liters of their Hauswein. I tend to think that the Hauswein is often a better option because it doesn't have any fancy footnote attached and you can drink it at your leisure and eh, often! Hauswein, Vin de Maison, Vino della casa or Vino de la casa mostly comes in liters and is more reasonably priced too.

The rest of my walk was almost an adventure for me. As small as our area is, I haven't seen all of it yet...

The church of Deutsch-Schützen standing tall in the distance.
Amazingly, this photo was taken from the same spot, same time. All I did was move the camera to the left. Only Deutsch-Schützen was misty. The top area of this photo is showing part of Hungary. Don't you just love the colours?