Thursday, 25 September 2014

Roses Are Red, Grapes Are Blue & Geese Seem To Have Fun Too!

Guess what I saw on my morning walk...

A lot of the individual rows of vines have roses planted at the front. Different coloured ones. It seems that in the olden days, the roses were planted as a sort of warning signal for the vintners. If the rose looked less than well, it stood to reason that the vines might be affected. Rather clever & beautiful too.
" One, two, three, four... "
" Quick, let's hide. "
" Go away, that is my hiding place. "
" Oh no, where should I hide? "
" ...nine, ten! "
" He's coming! "
When I came home from my walk yesterday morning, little Tigger was waiting for me. Yet, she looked surprised to see me and I tend to think that she was catching a few rays of sunshine! What a clever kitty.
At least you can see that we feed her very well. In fact my Mum says too well, because we have mice in our roof. Did I mention that the roof is Tigger's bedchamber? Oh, she is never hungry enough to catch a mouse or two...