Monday, 29 September 2014

The Story Of Eisenberg's Passionate Men: Part 2

Our wine walk had us feel like we were floating in mid air!

Our next major pit stop was our local look-out tower. Just as well that we started off our walk a bit late, as a tour bus was just herding its passengers aboard. Oh yes, someone else has discovered us...
Dietmar, standing on the left was showing us where to go.
Wow...describes this view well, don't you think? To be honest, the view alone had most of us excited and snapping pictures. But when two different vintners shared their wine, it was perfect and most of us felt as if we were floating over the vineyards.
Walter & Elisabet Stubits's wines and Herbert & Martina Weber's wines were tasted. Very very nice indeed.

Both their Blaufränkisch D.A.C. Reserve went down a treat and the burst of berry flavour on the taste buds mingled with a velvety smoothness, was fantastic. How fitting to sample them suspended over the Eisenberg vineyards.

Nice look out point, don't you think? When everyone got their wine glass and had it filled with the delicious samples, they tended to hover there. The first bit of motion that I felt had me move back towards the walk way. Who knows what the weight limit is...
Helmut, Connie & Mario enjoying the day out. Nice photo.
Mario, Helmut & Bob holding the fort.
It was lucky that Dietmar had his tractor there, because I would have walked the wrong way home. How marvelous it was to meander through the various vineyards. A few grapes were snatched off for a quick taste!
Our village seen from a different angle. How fortunate are we to be able to live in it? Paradise.
Kellerstöckel / Cottages to rent in our area.
Happy walkers. Bear in mind that most of us had had a few wines to taste by now. As an added bonus, the vintners refused to take back half filled bottles and I must say that it wasn't hard for them to find takers. Such high quality wine and free as well, was too much to resist.
Sadly this was our last pit stop. The cooler box was raided and just about everyone had spritzers: Half wine, half soda water. Not my taste as I prefer my wine pure with water on the side.

It is a tradition in our area to mostly drink Spritzers but I think that it is a big waste. The wines in our area ( and the wines we tasted on our walk ) are of such great quality, that it seems a sin to mix them with soda or sparkling water.

I can't tell you how wonderful this adventure / wine walk was. Mingling with everyone and having chats along the way ( a bit more difficult up a hill though ) was priceless and what it is all about. Meeting friends, making new ones and all the while tasting the wonderful wines of our area.