Saturday, 27 September 2014

Read This And Then Complain About Your Life!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Count how many of the following you are able to do or have:

  • Waking up in your warm & comfy bed.
  • Going to the bathroom...yes, a room with indoor plumbing.
  • Making yourself a cup of coffee and drinking it while reading the paper or watching the news on TV.
  • Waking up your children and getting them ready for school.
  • Deciding what to make for breakfast. Having the luxury of choice.
  • Having a shower, having the choice of what to wear & heading off to work.
  • Calling your friends or family for a chat, and having them answer.
  • Being able to go shopping, see a movie or go out for dinner with friends.
  • Coming home to your house ( the one you left in the morning ) and spending time with your family.
  • Going to sleep in a bed and being able to fall asleep without worrying about your safety.

You know, even at this moment in time there are millions of refugees who dream of having a ( our ) normal life.

Just imagine:

  • Within minutes having to leave your home and maybe for ever. No time to pack everything. Just often the clothes on your back is all you have.
  • Hearing and having the sounds of conflict and war in your village / town / city / neighbourhood.
  • Having to wash your body with only a bucket of water, if that.
  • No indoor bathroom.
  • Being hungry and not knowing when you can get a bite to eat. Not a bite we'd imagine, but possibly a bowl of rice or a gruel.
  • Stressing because your children haven't got enough food to eat.
  • Just trying to stay alive and survive. A future that is hazy at best on your horizon.
  • With winter approaching, being cold all the time.

We don't realize how fortunate our life actually is. What we might consider normal at best, is what millions of people are yearning to have and experience.