Monday, 15 September 2014

Things That Go Bump In The Night.

Nightly entertainment.

Thankfully Bob and I can tell the difference between a gnawing sound and a whistling windy one. The bumping could be from either. A ghost or a martin. Our cat Tigger is out of the running as gnawing isn't quite her thing. I'll have to talk to her about her laziness in defending her attic though.

Last night, with the TV blaring and Bob breathing almost louder in his TV slumber, I could hear the scratching and gnawing noise in the ceiling. No, I know it wasn't a ghost but it might as well have been, because we never see who or whatever is up there during the day. Tigger now and again perches in the attic opening during the day.

When the little bugger ( no, not Tigger ) in the attic did a stint over the kitchen ceiling, Bob woke up from the TV slumber land and straight away headed for the big stick he has standing in the kitchen. A stick for banging on the ceiling. Bob is prepared like a boy scout! As anyone who is roused from a deep sleep, Bob was grumpy to say the least and vigorously knocked the stick onto our ceiling. Small wonder it didn't drop down and thank heavens we don't have upstairs neighbours.

Bear in mind it was after midnight and when Bob lay down on the couch again, there was a minute's silence and then a renewed bit of ceiling noise, as well as more snoring from Bob. It almost seemed like the martin / mouse / animal did it with a spiteful grin. Gosh it was noisy. This morning Bob ( he is the master of the castle after all ) will have to brave the lion's den and crawl up there. Because I am usually holding the ladder and shouting the odd advice of:

" Look for droppings. Can you see anything ? "
which to tell you the truth, doesn't go over well, I can't capture it on film...

As we love our little Tigger, this whole ceiling affair puts us in a tight spot. As Tigger has a part-time bedroom up there ( and for all I know joins the activities with great aplomb or at least has an eye on them ) we can not put traps up there.

Maybe Bob and I should go and do some undercover sleuthing up a sleep over in the attic?

Having an old house is charming, unpredictable and exciting to say the least. This heavy rain we have been having has uncovered a weak spot in our roof and chimney and rain has made an appearance inside. We will sort it out somehow, but I am recalled of a scene in the movie:

Under the Tuscan Sun
where she had a whole row of pots standing in the room, to catch the rain. Yes, we are on trend. No, no pots so far...