Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Who Knew That We Are Such A Modern Family!

A casual supper reveals all...

Having my parents come for a visit, apart from being fabulous to see them, also means a feast of food. As you know, we have been hitting the Restaurant circuit with great gusto and we have also made sure that our fridge is nicely stocked for home cooked meals.

Last night my Dad chose to cook ( now that I think of it, he's cooked every home meal ) his divine pasta Carbonara. Bob was on a late call out to a client, because let's face it, if your Internet is down panic tends to set in. And luckily so for Bob and his business. So the three of us were in the kitchen. My dad behind the stove and Polly and I in front of it sitting around the kitchen table.

Well, I realized than and there that we had morphed into an ultra modern family:
  • My dad was slaving away behind the stove.
  • Polly and I were sitting around the kitchen table, each with an iPad in hand and talking while squizzing at the iPad at the same time.
  • We had chilled white wine within our reach and toasted my dad and his skills.

When it struck me that I was multi-tasking with that darn appliance ( don't get me wrong, I do need and love it ) I stopped immediately and focused on my parents. Those little Apples are not living up to the adage of

an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
At one point Polly wanted to help my dad with something but as our kitchen is small, he told her to not bother him in his space. A Maestro needs peace and quiet and no female interference!

Of course I am well versed in how to handle the odd situation of seeing a man cook in the kitchen. When Bob does his thing in the kitchen, I make sure he doesn't see me.
Out of sight...out of mind. Once, many moons ago, I made the fatal mistake and showed my face in the kitchen while he was cooking and had to field the:

" Where is the salt / spoon / strainer / plate etc..."
" Can you stir / hold / slice the food..."
No, this was not on. Bob knows where everything is and can easily get it himself. You don't see me calling out to him for those odd things while cooking. More importantly, he would ignore me anyway...

Bob often sits with those awful earplugs at his computer. He can't fool me though. I have noticed that when I ask him to help me with something, he pretends to not hear and only a bout of vigorous hand waving in front of him will make him look at me. Gosh, but when I go to our chocolate hiding place in the next room, he hears it loud and clear, demanding his share!

Look, even though we had a modern family dinner setting, it was still nice to sit & eat at the table. When Bob and I are on our own we tend to eat in front of the telly. Chatting around the dinner table is far more fun and interesting. Perhaps we'll give it a shot?