Friday, 12 September 2014

Aren't Memories Interesting?

How do you recall your memories?

Isn't it amazing how the pearls of wisdom and good sense get dropped into a conversation rather casually. Should you be busy getting a glass of wine or visiting the lav, you might miss them. They seem gentle enough, but once you ponder on them they take on a life of their own and you wonder why you have never thought about them before. do you remember them and more importantly in what sequence.

Are your memories in order of time or in order of importance to you? Yes, isn't it amazing and now that you think of it, the things at the top of your memory list aren't necessarily in chronological order.

One would imagine that our memories would go from year dot to now. Well, year dot is a bit overdone but I can remember being bathed in the sink. Obviously as a baby but that is all I remember of that time.

Life seems full of little pit stops that stick in our minds. A road map of the good and I suppose of the bad times as well. Sometimes our memories are linked to certain events.

  • The Charles & Diana Wedding.
  • When Princess Diana died.
  • Our own wedding / first date / divorce.
  • The wedding of William & Kate.

Most of us can picture what we did on those dates. We can recall who we were with on that day and where we were. Yet, how often do we forget where our keys are? In our house the search for keys,caps and wallets happens so often that we joke about it but with a hint of fear mixed into it. What or rather who will we forget next?

Talking about a memory, even if it is decades old, is as if it happened yesterday. Isn't it amazing how we can recall every little detail? Yet some decades don't register at all in our memory. School for me was rather a blur and yet others still relive those glory days.

Then you get the memory that keeps on growing 'unnaturally ' in your mind. Who hasn't embellished an argument or slight a hundred fold in your mind? Those memories should be put into the delete folder!

Well, hopefully we will all get the chance to make many more memories because they are proof that we have lived life. Even if it is in our own way, style and form...