Friday, 26 September 2014

Out & About In Two European Countries.

Is it Thursday today? Oh, let's visit Hungary.

I still get a kick out of a visit to Hungary. Another country, another way of life and another set of impressions. Those who know where we live, also know that we are a mere 2 Kilometers from the Hungarian border and 18 Kilometers from the next mega city.

You know, driving around and seeing the contrast of the " Haves " and " The Have-Not's " which is part of the new Hungary, makes it jolly hard to remember that a mere 25 odd years ago it was still a communist country...part of the eastern bloc! How quickly they have embraced the symbols of Western culture...Affluence is everywhere yet there are still parts that don't appear to be so.

Hungary is a country that as soon as you drive in it, you not only see the beauty but also feel it. Both Bob and I can conjour up images of a magnificent life past ( 18th & 19th Century ). Well, how we imagine it might have been. A life of carriages being driven across the landscape. A life of colour. A life of authenticity. One thing that I think everyone who visits Hungary notices, is how absolutely friendly and nice the Hungarians are. Let me tell you, that is not a given in Europe!

Bob and I had finished what we had to do in Hungary by late morning and made our way back home. Bob is great at finding the roads less travelled. Roads that are scenic to drive on. He is good at that. Even I still go " Ooh & Aah " when he takes a lesser know road.

A couple of years ago, Bob took some " 1st time visitors " to our beautiful Burgenland for a scenic drive. As they were his family, he pulled out all the stops and showed them our magnificent area. When they got back, he told me that unfortunately they weren't awed at all... Not a peep, ooh nor an aah. I suppose they are concrete jungle creatures after all.

Driving back through Rechnitz we decided to put my Dad's theory to work ( finding a great place to eat near a village church ). It was nice but I think next time we need to get a tad nearer to the church.

A novel idea. Painting a picture on the wall and framing it! Bob, sporting his Sprinkbok jersey.
I tried the Schweinsbraten & Knödel, which was very nice indeed.
Bob had the meaty dish. No, that isn't calamari but a Vienna ( pardon me, a Frankfurter ) cut up. Delicious pan of food he told me.
Funnily enough, in Austria a Vienna sausage is called a Frankfurter and in Germany ( and the rest of the world ) it reverts back to being a Vienna Sausage!
Driving into the outskirts of Schandorf, we saw the various pumpkin fields. These pumpkins will be harvested for their pips and the oil they provide. Yesterday was a rainy day, yet it is still a sight to behold.
A close up.