Friday, 10 July 2015

A Sleepover In Our House.

We finally gave in.

Bob and I couldn't say no last night, when our nephew pleaded with us to let him sleep in our bed. There is more than enough space but as uncle & aunt, we're not used to sleepovers. Isn't it funny, how the young and cute have the best and most irresistible arguments for whatever they desire? Who can say no to an angelic little cherub?

His argument that clinched the deal, was that he would love to wake up next to uncle Bob. Well, his parents didn't even hesitate and before we could change our mind, the duvet ( together with pillow & special blanket ) was moved through the house to our bedroom. Moved a la youngens style...dragged on the floor!

Bob did of course read him a bedtime Dr. Seuss story from a book that must have been hidden in the duvet. Bob read and read, that I was almost a goner and when after almost having read half the book, he told Sam that he would read no more:

" Well, I didn't want you to read so much. You just never stopped. "
Well, needless to say, both Bob and I didn't sleep too soundly, because we thought that if we snored the little cherub would awaken. As I said earlier, we've never had a sleepover because otherwise we'd have known that even a herd of elephants running past the window, wouldn't waken this child.

As for the main reason he wanted to sleep in our bed: Both of us are early risers and have been up for an hour already with our little sleepover guest still counting sheep.