Monday, 6 July 2015

The Silver Foxes Are Everywhere.

Not a street without them.

Men have got it made...they are extremely fortunate in that for some reason they tend to look more handsome as they get older. Whereas we gals tend to bloom in our younger years, our men ripen into handsome silver foxes. A bit of inequality right there!

What might I mean by a silver fox? Oh, merely a man whose hair reflects the many silver threads in it. Very attractive indeed, but for some reason, a silver fox doesn't realize the power he has over us ladies. Some even go so far as to tint their crowning glory back to its natural colour.

Just imagine if George Clooney or Richard Gere had tinted their hair...

Firstly, if you have the need to tint your hair, only do so at a Salon, because they go on numerous courses to learn the art of mixing the perfect tint for your hair. Otherwise, it is just too obvious what you are up to. Secondly, just don't do it because if only you knew the attraction you hold over us in your various ( not fifty!!! ) shades of grey, you would go grey with pride.

With the introduction of Facebook into our lives, there is an upside: we can get a look at photos of our friends before they turned gray. Eisenberg too, has many men who have grown more and more handsome.

As I mentioned, the silver foxes are everywhere, and I bet you've got a couple in a neighbourhood near you! As for me, I have a silver fox at home. Yes, Bob has grey hair mingling with brown and it looks darn handsome. Of course, the irony is that Bob is lamenting his fate and even has moments where he wants to tint his hair...

...He can't see the attraction of having a silver fox look and at times I have to be honest and admit that I am tempted to let him go ahead and cover his grey...

Lately, far too many ladies have taken a second look at Bob, my silver fox.