Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Honesty System & The Old Fashioned Handshake Are Still The Best.

Don't laugh, that's how it was done for a long long time.

I am sure it is practised more than I know, but at the moment I have just had the experience here in Südburgenland. Mostly in the local Buschenschanks, honesty stands above anything else.

Going out for a nice evening at a Buschenschank is always fun and entails copious wine and vittles. Copious when compared to normal restaurants because a glass of wine costs on average 1,50 - 2,50 Euros. Unheard of in the restaurant business! Don't forget, this is not your ordinary plonk either but the real McCoy as only vintners are allowed to hold a Buschenschank.

At the moment you might be picturing our little " hamlet " and thinking how many people could there possibly be at the place...you'd be surprised how hectically busy they are for the few weeks that they are open. A restaurant can only dream of these numbers. Often you don't find a seat and have to wait and sharing a table is the norm but coincedently a wonderful way to meet new people.

I don't want to slate restaurants in other parts of the world, but here in our Burgenland, only two or possibly three waiters are serving the whole place and speedily too ( up to 100 people easily ).

But now for the good part: As a customer it is your duty, or rather privilege to remember what you ordered when it comes to sorting out the bill. The waiters don't keep a tally although, they might secretly do so and just want to find out who is honest and who is not!!!!

Last night was a perfect example. Bob and I were settling our bill and as of course the Stubits's wine is so nice, we had more than a glass. Coupled with the fact that we both walked there, we tasted a few of their wines. As our waitress took out her writing block and waited for us to peel off what we had had, she must have misunderstood, because she forgot to add 4 glasses of wine.

Eagle eyed that we are, we pointed it out to her and she thanked us while adding the extra items. Honestly, if I know that I haven't paid for something, I feel awful and will make a point of sorting it out...

Don't you find, that if the other person expects you to be and behave with honesty, you automatically step up to the plate? Might be worth a thought, although if we all step up to the plate of integrity and honesty, where would that leave the lawyers of the world...

Here is a link to all the various Buschenschanks in our Gemeinde.