Monday, 27 July 2015

Eisenberg, Have Another Look! Austria & Burgenland At Its Best.

Just some aspects I find divine.

On Saturday the Kurier Newspaper chose our Eisenberg as one of the top 30 most beautiful places in Austria. As you can imagine, I am as proud as can be and wrote about it yesterday. Here are some photos of my Eisenberg!

Just so you know the authenticity...this photo shows the Eisenberg Weinberg with Eisenberg on the left and Hungary on the right.
At times winter can be like a fairy tale. Walking around Eisenberg, we discover one great aspect after the other. Running, walking or riding horses would be fun there.
Vines, vines and more vines...the essence of our area is of course the delightful Nectar of the Gods.
Only fitting that we now and again taste wine up in the clouds...a wine walk organized by our vintner's club. ...quite livable, isn't it?
You are wondering why I put a photo of a donkey here...but for me, that is the beauty of Eisenberg and our area of Südburgenland. Coming back from my walk, I at first heard the braying of a donkey and when I took a closer look, here he was, just behind a barn in our street. It couldn't happen in a big city, could it?
We are surrounded by forests as far as the eye can see and walking in it is romantic...of the beaten path, you better bring along some breadcrumbs though.
I happened upon this tractor club one Sunday morning at the top of the Eisenberg ( outside the Grenzlandkeller ). Isn't it marvelous to do a bike run, but slower? On top of the tractor, one has the ability to really imbibe and enjoy the slower passing scenery. Sometime soon, I'd like to be able to ride on a tractor!
Eisenberg is peeping out behind this street sign. Apart from being a wine lover's paradise, cyclists are also welcome and can pedal as much as they want and often only a handful of cars might pass them...
October amid the Eisenberg vineyards has so many beautiful aspects. The harvesting of grapes and the stunning variety of autumn hue that an October brings.

The cottage in the foreground is one many different holiday cottages / Kellerstöckl ) available to rent for a weekend or weeks on end...